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Often at weddings you'll find that the food is well-plated, but doesn't taste very good. I can tell you that that was not the case at our wedding. We had traditional Lebanese food from Zikrayet (I'm Jewish and my husband is Palestinian Muslim so it fit with our theme) and it was amazing. First of all, all of our guests thought the food was delicious and many commented that it was unique food for a wedding and much better than when people have the traditional "chicken-or-fish" option. Additionally, we had them serve the food family style, which was a huge hit. A bunch of the dishes were laid out on the table before we even sat down, which was great for two reasons. Dinner started as soon as people sat down, which made dinner faster and smoother and also let the guests get right to the food without having to wait to be served or wait in a buffet line. Additionally, family style was great because guests were passing food and chatting with each other. This is the way Middle Eastern food is meant to be eaten. Some people may think this isn't "classy" but almost all of our guests had never seen this done before and loved it.

They also provided a full bar for us and that went on without any issues. We had two bars set up during our cocktail hour and two bars set up during our reception.

They have a restaurant in Alexandria so you can go and visit and try the food easily. If you are looking for Middle Eastern food (specifically Arabic food), they are the best. We tried for months to work with other restaurants and none really had the catering capacity. Zikrayet set up not one but two tastings at heir restaurant. Both times they plated the food carefully and Joyce sat down personally with us.

Overall we had a great experience with them and would definitely recommend them to others.